ALLAH in Bible

Structural formation of Elohim part b March 19, 2015

Page 13 It is worthy to note that the Torah has no vowels as the Hebrew alphabets do not have any. Hebrew speakers can read Hebrew without the dots. Hence, the entire Torah, Prophets and Writings, the Mishna and Talmud and all the classic commentaries were written without any vowels.7 Hence, in times of Moses…

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Structural formation of Elohim March 19, 2015

Page 12 Noun “” ALAH for One True God, and if the consonant “lamed” is doubled then it could be rightly pronounced as ALLAH. All the Semitic languages like Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic allows the consonants to be doubled with a grammatical reasons.5 In Hebrew “Dagesh forte is a dot that can be placed in…

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ALLAH is presently pronounced in Hebrew as Eloh and Elah March 19, 2015

Page 11 consonant that follows a checked vowel would have two peaks of intensity, whereas other long consonants would have only one. Therefore, these double-peaked long consonants are called geminates.”3 Although the word may have double consonant pronunciation, it is written only once. Since the ancient Hebrew did not use any vowel markings like ancient…

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Advantages of Semitic languages March 19, 2015

Page 10 It is interesting to note that ALLAH is the personal name of One True God in all the languages of all the Major Prophets like Moses, David, Jesus, and Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon them). As the Almighty ALLAH says in Quran (14:4) “Never did We send a Messenger except (to teach)…

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ALLAH the Name of One True God March 19, 2015

Page 9 IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE BENEFICENT, THE MERCIFUL ALLAH The Everliving One True God, The Cherisher and the Sustainer of all the worlds ALLAH [ ] mentioned in the Arabic Holy Quran and also found in Hebrew-OT, almost 2526 times and in Aramaic-NT nearly 1320 times. ALLAH-the Name of One True God…

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Preface part 2 March 19, 2015

Page 8 existent in the Bible indicating the commonality of belief in the Sacred Names of ALLAH. Thus, to quench the thirst of spirituality, humanity can unite itself by virtue of its common beliefs and values as “Essentials” such as worshipping One True God- ALLAH with His Beautiful attributes. The Second Vatican Council, Nostra Aetate…

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Preface March 19, 2015

Page 7 “ALLAH”, the Name itself witnesses with all its Glory and Majesty that “He” is the Only One True God—the Creator and the Sustainer of the worlds. History provides us the evidence that the Messengers of ALLAH were sent to every nation. It was never the intention of the Almighty to differentiate people based…

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Table of Contents March 19, 2015

Page 5 Page 7: Preface Page 9: ALLAH the Name of One True God Page 10: Advantages of Semitic languages Page 11: ALLAH is presently pronounced in Hebrew as Eloh & Elah Page 12: Structural formation of Elohim Page 15: Table for conclusive functioning of Elohim Page 16: Other Attributes of ALLAH in Quran &…

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Acknowledgement March 19, 2015

Page 4 Acknowledgement It is to acknowledge that while adopting the Hebrew letter “Chet“ for the Sacred Names of ALLAH from OT listed at serial numbers 1, 2, 15, 18, 28, 30, 34, 40, 52, 61, 65, 67, 69, 70, 80, has been substituted for it’s variant form as “H“ [see p. 24 for more…

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